01 Speed and creative control

The MC Pro is a powerful computer control device with keyboard, trackballs, SmartSwitches, faders and knobs designed for Speed and Creativite Control.

As more and more professional applications move from hardware based solutions to workstation based solutions, the keyboard and mouse are rapidly becoming the only user interface available for the hundreds of controls and commands found in the average professional software package. Although the keyboard and mouse work well for some operations there are obvious limitiations.

We can all remember a couple of keystroke commands, but as workflow necessitates switching between applications it becomes more difficult to recall how to quickly access all the functions and parameters for every application we use. We sometimes need to access functions in applications that are buried in the background, such as transport controls for a media player. The MC Pro ‘s SmartSwitches solve this problem. There are also many parameters that are more easily adjusted using rotary controls, faders and joysticks instead of a mouse, trackball or keyboard.


With years of pioneering experience in control surface design, Euphonix now introduces the workstation world to the ‘MC Pro’, the ultimate controller to help free up the creative mind and speed up the operation and workflow of any project.