02 Workflow Solution for Audio Post and Music

The System 5-MC is part of a larger end-to-end production workflow solution from Avid


When you put a world-class surface together with a world-class workstation and allow open connectivity and integration with third party plug-ins, virtual instruments, video solutions and I/O hardware you get a workflow solution that is modular, expandable, flexible, future proof, and highly cost-effective.

The System 5-MC is part of a larger end-to-end solution that includes Nuendo, Pyramix, the innovative MC Pro Media Application Controller and the integration of any EUCON aware applications with the current range of System 5 consoles found in top audio post, music, broadcast and live venues throughout the world.

By working closely with manufacturers who agree with an open architecture philosophy, a wide range of production products can be integrated in simple or complex end-to-end workflow solutions. As an example, you could start a project in Cubase, then move to Nuendo, then add an MC Pro controller, then move to a System 5-MC and finally move the project to one of the larger System 5-F multiple operator film consoles being used to mix top sound Oscar winning feature films such as ‘Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Black Hawk Down’. And the System 5 can also control EUCON DAW stem recorders to finish off the process.