07 Multiple Control Levels

The MC Pro uses 4 powerful levels of control:

  • Keyboard and Trackball
  • Simple programmable keystroke commands and macros via the SmartSwitches
  • HUI and Mackie Control protocols for control of DAWs that don’t directly support EUCON
  • High-speed networked control of EUCON aware applications such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Sequoia and Logic Pro.


Level 1 – Keyboard and Trackball

Sit at the MC Pro and you can instantly access your favorite applications using the full sized keyboard and trackball. You can change the supplied keyboard for one of your own choice and fit a mouse if you prefer this to a trackball. We can include a keyboard frame to house the latest flat apple keyboard as shown opposite.

The large smooth trackball includes a scroll ring and has 4 switches. It is situated on the right side surrounded by programmable SmartSwitches for fast access to common functions.

Keyboard and trackball are sent in the EUCON control data via Ethernet so there is no need for extra keyboard and mouse cables. They work with both Mac and PC workstations.