10 Eucon

The EUCON open control protocol enables MC Pro to communicate at high speed with Pro Tools 9, Nuendo, Pyramix, Logic Pro, and many other software applications.

EUCON provides you with high-speed network access to any function in a software application which has a EUCON driver. For example, every control on the MC Pro can be used for high-speed intelligent access to any function in Pro Tools 9. MIDI is fine for basic control but lacks the speed and complexity necessary to control applications such as workstations or video editors at a professional level.

EUCON is bi-directional enabling MC Pro to receive high-speed data such as metering and processing status graphics from the EUCON software running on the workstation for display on the MC Pro surface—the controller becomes an integrated part of the DAW user interface. The Jog/Shuttle wheel can also be used for trim head/tail, fade head/tail, position, zoom, slip, and move. EUCON allows the MC Pro to intelligently place tracks on the surface and to control plug-ins on the channel strips and eight assignable knobs.