12 Studio Monitor Pro Option

Studio Monitor Pro Options adds complete film monitoring facilities to the MC Pro & System 5-MC

Studio Monitor Pro should be considered when full film monitoring is required and can be purchased as an option – it uses an iLok key for security. As with Studio Monitor Express, monitors can be accessed with the controls at the top left of the MC Pro (shown opposite) and Setup is carried out from the MC Pro ‘s touchscreen and on the host computer using the Studio Monitor client application.


Main features that Studio Monitor Pro supports…

  • Up to 7.1 surround monitoring with full fold down matrix
  • 48 Internal or External Inputs
  • Control Room monitor & 2 Alternate with Dim, Cut, Fixed level
  • Individual speaker level and mute controls for setting up the studio
  • 2 Studio/Headphone monitors with Dim and Cut
  • 4 Talkback channel assignable to any Monitor O/P
  • 2 Recorder O/P’s
  • Each source has 2 inputs allowing for PEC/DIR monitor switching
  • User configurable source layouts i.e. LCRLsRsB or LRLsRsCB
  • Full control from MC Pro touch screen
  • Monitor insert for Dolby decoders etc