05 New Touch Sensitive Knobs

New Touch Sensitive Knobs

S5 Fusion uses unique rotary illuminated touch-sensitive knobs that instantly reset after a recall. The center of the knob also includes a switch which can be used for certain knobset select functions, and to punch in the knob automation, if the touchsensitive knob automation option is switched off. The displays reflect the type of control, for example a gain control is shown opposite. Below are the different displays for different functions:

Knobsets At the top of each strip are a set of 8 knobs with associated switches. These knobs can be selected to control the following parameters using the switches just below the knobs:

  • Input Controls
  • Dynamics
  • EQ & Filters
  • Aux Sends – level, pre/post and routing
  • Pan
  • Routing to Group/Clean Feeds and Mix Buses

The selected button in this photo shows that the knobset is controlling EQ. To the left of these keys are processor In/Out switches.

Other Channel Functions 
Here are just some extra functions available to the engineer:

  • Copy and Paste one strip to another
  • Use a single strip to select function such as EQ, Dynamics, Aux for all strips
  • Clear all controls
  • Lock a strip to prevent changes when the Layout changes
  • Select a strip to be controlled from the center section
  • Expand a strip so that EQ, Dyn, etc. controls are spread across several strips