22 SC264D Studio Computer

SC264D Studio Computer

The new SC264D Studio Computer runs the eMix software which includes the file management system and the PatchNet software. It includes twin drives set up as a RAID array for redundant storage of all data. There is a separate keyboard and mouse for this computer that fits under the console and an external screen for showing the eMix software at the top of the Joystick module.

The SC264D includes an Ethernet port for connection to the S5 Fusion LAN and is fitted with two controller and up to 2 DSP cards:

  • EUCON Hybrid PCI Card – Control up to 5 workstations
  • TT002 card for machine control, including a single RS422 port, MMC port, video ref plus 32 GPIO for use with the console the events system
  • Up to two SP663 DSP Cards

The DSP Cards provide:

  • DSP Processing – Massive amount of scalable DSP available for fully featured channels and Buses with Delay, EQ & Dynamics processing. Each SP663 card adds 5.5 GFLOPS of processing power
  • MADI I/O – each SP663 card adds 4 MADI inputs and outputs (256 x 256 paths at 48kHz)
  • Router controlled by the console’s PatchNet Software
  • Up to 116 full featured Channels at 48kHz – 2 x SP663 Cards
  • 96kHz operation with 50% less dsp channels
  • Independent EQ, filters and dynamics processing per channel
  • Up to 2 seconds delay per channel
  • Bus processing with dynamics and filters
  • 4,096-path FPGA audio router on each SP663 DSP card
  • Up to 8×8 MADI I/O (512×512 paths @ 48kHz)
  • Hardware compatible with 192/384 kHz
  • DSPs support 40 bit, 32 bit IEEE floating point and 32 bit fixed point formats
  • Hybrid FPGA and DSP technology to accommodate 40 bit floating point (extended precision) operation, for timing precision, and wide feature set
  • Parallel signal processing utilizing SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) architectur

Channels, Mix, Aux and Group Bus Numbers for Multiple SP663 Cards