23 Patching – PatchNet

Patching – PatchNet

S5 Fusion includes a large comprehensive digital patchbay called PatchNet, operated from the eMix software program which runs on a monitor next to the console.

PatchNet is one of the eMix menus. Other menus that are accessible on this computer are the File Directory, Bus Formatting, System Setup, Format Fold Down, External Source Setup & Conform.

S5 Fusion ’s patching system. PatchNet operates in the same way as an engineer would make a patch on a traditional patchbay. First the source is located and selected, then the destination, and the patch can then be made.

The screen below shows PatchNet in operation. The left hand side of the screen shows the groups of signals, such as console A & B inputs, or External Inputs. Once the group of signals is selected every signal in that group appears on the main part of screen for patching. Multiple signals can be selected making it a simple job to patch 32 bus outputs to 32 recorder inputs, for example.

Patches are saved within Titles. So when the session starts and the engineer loads the Title, the complete patchbay comes back exactly as it was left at the end of the last session.

Default Title 
Each studio can set up default PatchNet wiring and naming after installation. This includes naming of all studio patchpoints such as mic inputs and effects devices. Normalling of standard connections such as sources to inputs and console outputs to device inputs can also be setup. These initial settings are similar to the studio wiring, normalling and patchbay labelling in an analog studio. These default settings are brought into PatchNet each time a new Title is created. They can be updated at any time to reflect the addition of new equipment.