03 Center Section

At the center of the System 5-MC is the MC Pro Media Application Controller. The MC has the following main features:

  • Trackball with scroll ring next to programmable transport keys
  • Standard full-sized qwerty keyboard with numeric keypad (which can be changed for a user preferable keyboard).
  • 56 programmable SmartSwitches each with an integral LCD display to show their function.
  • 9 touch sensitive Soft Knobs for processor and plug-in control
  • Twin programmable joystick panners.
  • 4 buttons for selecting different workations
  • High-resolution touch-screen for setup and control.
  • Surround monitoring section including monitor matrix, speaker controls, solo and talkback microphone.
  • Extensive connectivity including 1/4” footswitch jack, headphone thru jack, touchscreen VGA out, standard keyboard and mouse ports, USB port, serial service port and Ethernet.

 The MC Pro is available as a stand-alone controller.

The MC Pro is capable of controlling any software application running on the System 5-MC host workstation. The MC Pro intelligently switches all its surface controls to match the active application making it easy to move from one application to another.

Above the MC Pro is a VESA compatible adjustable arm for fitting LCD displays (LCD Display available separately).